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Are your children suffering from head lice? Are you even thinking to use Chemical Shampoos? (even those that claim to be fully safe) No Way! They are not required as they may only harm your children and not the lice that may anyways be resistant to them. There are rarely discussed natural secrets that you can use to "easily" get rid of lice in less than a week. The Lice Free Forever System Reveals All Those Secrets For the First Time..

From the desk of: Jennifer Bolton
Today's date: Thursday November 19, 2009

Dear Fellow Concerned Parent,

If you found this page, then I'm sure you are suffering from Head Lice problem. I have suffered from the same problem for "3 long years" before I finally got "Victory" over Lice & no one in our family has suffered from lice since then.

My name is Jennifer Bolton. I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls, Sandra, Alexa and Angelina. 2 of them(Sandra and Angelina) have long hairs but all three of them have suffered from Lice problem in the past. The eldest one, Sandra, has suffered from Head Lice for 3 long years.  

I tried virtually everything - Lice Killing Shampoos, Special conditioners and spent money buying a couple of expensive combs too.. Nothing worked! I was worried about my daughter. And then even worse happened. The Lice spread to Angelina too.. That was a very difficult time for me. I spent trying to get my 2 daughters rid of their lice and itching.

I used those chemical shampoos for a couple of months but the lice simply didn't go. But then i stopped using those lice removal shampoos due to their ill effects including cancer. I can't simply imagine how much blood the lice sucked out of my daughters' heads in those 3 years! We had a real bad and embarrasing time!


So what that little animal actually is?

It is a ugly little parasitic insect without wings that thrives on human hairs. It sucks out blood from the scalp and causes a lot of itching on the scalp. It reproduces very fast & can spread to all friends and family members if not treated quickly.

There are some Bigger Lice & lots of smaller eggs / nits that can't even be seen easily.

How It Spreads?

It can spread by touch, cloth or by any of your personal belongings. It can spread so smartly that you will hardly notice!

Lice Are Too Smart!

  • Lice can not fly or jump
  • Your blood is their food. So they can live on our heads forever
  • Lice can't fly but It can walk across a room easily
  • Not every one with lice has itches
  • Some people just don't get lice. Just like some people do not get bitten by mosquitoes


If You Are Suffering From Lice, You Are Not Alone!

Children may catch lice easily from others. 2 of my 3 daughters have had lice in the past.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as six million to 12 million people worldwide get head lice every year. That is a lot of people! Many people are suffering from this problem. Do you know why more and more people (and children) are falling prey to cancer every year? One of the many reasons are feared to be the usage of certain harmful chemicals in homes, foods, etc. And those lice killing shampoos are nothing much "mild" insecticides.

Would You Really Risk Your Child's Life?

I'm sure. You won't take any risk. This is where the "natural remedies to cure lice" come to your rescue. And this is what I have mastered. This is what I am going to tell you in my ebook.


Getting Lice Is Normal. Don't Be Angry WIth Your Children For That!

Its normal to get Lice. Children can get lice in many ways. They can get it while playing with other lice infested children, at school, using someone's hat or clothes or simply by direct contact with them.

Anyone can get Lice regardless of how clean they are, or Whether they keep their Hair Clean or Not.

Now, it is upto you to take the Right Steps to get your children rid of lice infestation.


But Then I Discovered The Natural Remedies To Get Rid of Lice Permanently

Through my years of trial and error & taking advice of countless mothers, old women & trying out virtually everything, I learned all the effective and easy natural home remedies to get rid of hair lice, from all clothes and quickly wipe them out of my Home! I have learned How To Keep Them Away Even If My Daughters' Friends Have Continued To Be Infested With Lice

I finally won the battle.

But I observed a lot of facts:

  • That there are millions of mothers that are risking thier childrens' well being by using those shampoos laden with so called "mild" or "safe" pesticides or insecticides.
  • That there are millions of children worldwide still having social problems due to their head lice.
  • That there are many guys that have had to shave their heads due to lice.
  • That there are many people still unaware of the Easy Home Remedies that can get you rid of your Head Lice in a week's time.


Never Ever Use Harmful Shampoos on Your Child's Head!

(If you have them, just throw them away)

There are many companies selling shampoos & conditioners that claim to kill lice & eggs in your child's head. These shampoos contain pesticides that can pass through the soft skin of your child's head. Many studies have linked these pesticides to Leukemia in children and adults alike.

I used shampoos for 2 weeks (every alternate day) on my eldest daugher Lydia but the lice still did not go. I havn't used any shampoos/Conditioners on my childrens' heads ever since I learned that these contain "PESTICIDES". I thought, It's Better to have Lice than to kill your children with these pesticides and so called Safe shampoos.


So called Magnetic or Special Combs Do Not Work!

I have spent many many hours combing my daughters' hairs using those combs but I can tell you that they simply don't work. Here's why:

There are bigger lice and their nits in your child's head. You can comb out the bigger nits (not all of them though) from the heads. But still, even if one is left, your efforts are wasted because they will reproduce & increase their population.

Even if you spend several hours everyday to ensure that no big lice are there, the smaller nits CAN NOT be combed out using those Magnetic or Special Combs! They are simply too small to get caught by those combs. So I can tell you that combing alone does not work!


The Big Companies Will Be After Me For Divulging The Home Secrets To Get Rid of Lice!


Various head lice medicines contain pesticides and other dangerous chemicals that have been used for aerial spraying of other mosquitoes and other pests in cities.

Here are some Chemicals used in Lice Products that are PROVEN to cause life threatening diseases:

Lindane: Many lice treating medications contain Lindane. This is a toxic chemical used in many anti lice prescriptions. Many studies have been conducted on the effectso f this chemical and It has been found to cause cancer, damage to various body organs like kidney, liver, nervous and immune systems and even Death in some animals on whom the tests were conducted.

Malathion: Malathion is also a dangerous chemical used in anti lice products. It is known by the name or Maldison in New Zealand and Australia. It is a highly toxic chemical, a carcinogen that mutates DNA and disrupts endocrine secretions.

Pyrethroid Pesticides: Various pyrethroid pesticides are used for getting rid of head lice in children. Many pesticides like Sumithrin, Resmethrin and Permethrin are feared to be carcinogens. These chemicals are not made from chrysanthemum flowers, these are harmful synthetic compounds.

German studies have linked the use of even mild pyrethroid pesticides like Permethrin and Phenothrin to leukaemia, lymphoid and other cancers. These are also known to cause nervous and immune system damage.


Consider This:

The PANNA (Pesticide Action Network North America) says that "Lindane can cause seizures and damage to the nervous system, and can weaken the immune system. Case-controlled research shows a significant association between brain tumors in children and the use of lindane-containing lice shampoos. The insecticide is also a suspected carcinogen (contains cancer causing agents) and hormone disruptor."

According to Deborah Altschuler, president of the American National Pediculosis Association, it makes no sense to shampoo a child with a pesticide. Specially since several serious diseases including Leukemia have been linked to Pesticide shampoos.

Before buying any shampoo or anti lice product, read the warnings and ingredients to learn how harmful they can be. Most such shampoos and other products are so harmful that the companies themselves ask you not to use them on a daily basis!


You thought Lindane is Safe? Throw Lindane Products Away!

After confirming that it can cause diseases like Cancer in humans, the US states like New York and California have already banned Lindane. It is banned in 52 countries.

Many US States still allow Lindane in Prescription Products. It is only a matter of time before it is banned everywhere just like what happened with DDT (DDT was also considered safe by the Chemical Industry until it was banned everywhere).

These chemicals in prescription products can cause neural system damage, immune damage, asthma, leukemia and various types of cancers.


Here Is Why These Chemicals Should Never Be Used On Your Children

Chidren's skins are sensitive. They have a growing body with an immune system that is still developing. They also do not have a very good detoxification process in the body.

These chemicals can easily penetrate their skin & cause damage from the inside.

In 1996, a study was conducted on 300,000 primary schoolchildren at 31 schools spread across the five health authorities of Wales. The researchers found that as many as 80% of 316 lice tested were resistant to these very chemicals. Insects become resistant to these chemicals over time and the one to loose is only your child.


Finally All The Proven Strategies To Get Rid of Lice Easily & Naturally Without Any Harmful Effects

I want to help you get rid of lice. Not every busy mom needs to suffer for 3 or 4 years before she is able to find out something that works!

You don't need to try everything to find something that works!

Natural Lice Remedies That Lice Product Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know

What if you had access to the proven methods to get rid of lice from your heads, clothes and everywhere else from your home & what natural remedies to use to not suffer from lice infestation every again?

Well, you can!


Introducing ....


"Lice Free Forever"

"Lice Free Forever" contains all the information you need to get rid of lice naturally and the exact techniques used to prevent lice infestation in future. I have received several queries from mothers and you will find answers to all the questions asked by mothers. In addition to this, I have received many suggestions via email and have put all of them right here in the ebook for you. So you can be sure that you get all the information that you need for getting rid of lice naturally.

You get more than 40 pages of valuable information from an experienced person! What even great that you can everything you need to wipe out head lice right in your kitchen cupboard. Isn't that great?


Here's What You Will Learn Inside the LiceFreeForever Program:

The Exact Step By Step Lice "Cure" That Works For Sure!

The Exact & Easy To Apply Home Remedies That Have Been Proven To Work  

My Personal Experience About How I Used These Methods Myself To Get Rid of Lice .

Exact Methods To Stay Lice Free Forever - The Methods I Use To Keep My Daughters Lice Free Forever

 Extensive Information on Head Lice - All You Need To Know


And there's more..

And Detailed Answers To All The Questions About Lice Asked By Mothers. Answers To All The Questions I Have Received Via Email From Hundreds Of Mothers


All the Information is available in the form of a digital download. You can get started reading within minutes. You can easily read the ebook on Any Computer even it is slow as Hell. I have taken special care to get the ebook to run on even the slowest year 2002 computers. You get the ebook in both PDF and Word Format (.doc) so that you do not need to install any "paid" or special software to get started reading it right now. It is a simple download. No waiting for it to arrive in the post, no paying for postage, it can be all yours RIGHT NOW!

Even if it is 3am on a Sunday morning, you can download this ebook right now within a minute even with the slowest dial up internet connection!

You Can Get Started Reading Within Minutes!


 What some of our readers are saying:

"My Lice Completely Vanished"

Jen, I've suffered from lice problems for 2 months now. Lindane shampoos are banned here in California so I didn't use them. But I quit using my Malathion based shampoo too.

Your natural methods worked great for me and I have no more lice just after 2 weeks of applying your methods! Great work!


Thank you so much Jen

Mary Bethune,San Diego

"My Daughter Is Lice Free Now"

Hi Jenny

My eldest daughter Sandra has had Lice for more than 6 months now. I tried lots of things without knowing that they could be harmful too! I read Lice free forever and its natural method works!

I have been using it every alternate for the last 12 days. I tried doing a manual picking operation on Sandra's head just now & I couldn't find any lice!


Seems to have worked great.. Anyways, I'll still use it for another week to be sure that Lice are gone. Thanks for making this available.


My best wishes to you Jenny

Mary Grimm, New York

" I Threw Away The Shampoo - It Had Lindane!!"

Hi.. My name is Mary and I'm a mother of 2 girls. I was shocked to read that my shampoo had Lindane. I threw it away immediately.

I did not know that Lindane was banned in most countries including Mexico. I have had great results with your natural method and won't ever use the cancer causing Lindane based shampoo again.


Thanks a lot for making LiceFreeForever. 


Thank you,

Linda, Houston, Texas

I Want To Ask An Important Question

How Much Can You Pay to Get Rid of Head Lice & Stay Lice Free Forever?

Just think of it. You may have already spent hundreds of dollars buying the expensive shampoos, combs and even more on doctor consultations.

I am not going to ask for $300, or even $50 for this. I want this information to be available to everybody and want people to limit (better to eliminate) the usage of poisonous shampoos and other products. I want everyone to discover that my methods can help you stay lice free forever.

I want you to get the word out to everyone out there. Lets make all the children happier!

You can get "Lice Free Forever" for just $29.97!

It is nothing compared to what you may have already spent on other "harmful" things. I am charging this much money as I have to spend a lot of money to get the word out to the maximum number of people using Google. I have to pay to get people to click on my site (you know Google is one of the richest companies now!)

So I do have a lot of expenses like this. It used to be available for $37 previously. But after requests from many mothers, I have done my best to price it very low.

I may not be able to make it available at this price for long and may bring the price back to $37. Anyways, the companies are not happy with this (I have received many emails) & I may be forced to close down this website any time soon.

So NOW is the time to Download "Lice Free Forever"

And with my money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to risk or lose.



I am so confident about the methods in my ebook that I offer hassle free Money Back Guarantee within 4 weeks in case you are not satisfied with the ebook.

I know my ebook has worked for hundreds of mothers, so I have no problem in offering hassle free Money Back Guarantee. In case you are not satisfied, just contact me with Full 4 Weeks at and I will issue you a refund to you without any questions asked. So you can Try it Risk Free for Full 4 Weeks . Act Now!


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Once you click on the download button above, you will be taken to Paypal where you can pay immediately using credit card or paypal. Once your payment is completed, you will be automatically directed to the download page where you can immediately download the ebook even if it is 2 am in the morning.

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You'll learn about 100% safe and natural cures for most common life problems.

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Caring For Your Hair is sold as a standalone guide for $24.95 but you will get this free with your purchase of Boost Your Bust.

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BONUS #5 -  Cooking Package



I have a tieup with some cooking e-book publishers. As a result, I'm offering you a large package of fully detailed 17 Cookbooks along with your purchase of Lice Free Forever.

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Am I Really Offering Everything for just $29.97?

 Yes, I am. The reduced cost of doing business online enables us to offer so much to you in downloadable format (.pdf files) Thus we don't have to ship anything and there are no shipping costs involved. As soon as your payment is cleared, you can immediately download the "Lice Free Forever" guide and all the bonuses. You can be reading this in 2 minutes from now!

But we still have to spend money on advertising, web server costs, maintenance and so on. We pay companies like Google and Yahoo to advertise this product on their search engines so you can access our site easily. I don't know how long I'll be able to offer everything for just $29.97. So Act Now before the price is gone or the site itself is closed down by the chemical shampoo and spray makers.

Don't Forget that I'm offering a 4 Weeks Money Back Guarantee. Try my methods for 4 weeks and if you aren't satisfied, just write me an email and I'll refund every penny!

 So You can try Lice Free Forever Risk Free! Click Here to Order Now 

Wish Your Family A Lice Free Living,

Jennifer Bolton

P.S. Remember that you will be able to live lice free forever once you have access to all the informative included in this ebook.

P.P.S. I am sure you will win the battle with lice. So I am offering a 4 weeks "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee.

P.P.P.S. Got something else to say? You can email me anytime at and I will be happy to answer all your concerns. So you get lifetime free support with this purchase. I receive dozens of emails everyday. Sorry to say that I do take 12 - 24 hours to answer all your questions.

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